Vidya Balan: I Can Never Be in a Live-In Relationship

Vidya Balan is open to a heart to heart talk about men, marriage and family. In this interview, she talks about why she is clear about marrying a wealthy man and talks about if she would continue acting after marriage

Being 30 and the prospect of marriage: I haven’t come across someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. My parents want me to get married, but it’s not like they think it will happen tomorrow. Even they want me to marry someone I’m sure about. I want to categorically state that I want to get married. I want to have a husband and a family – I’d love that (pauses). I don’t believe in casual relationships and I can never be in a live-in relationship.

I’d definitely go for love marriage: My parents o encourage me to meet people and keep saying that I should find the right person. They want me to keep my eyes open, rather open my eyes wider (laughs). Let’s just say that they want me to socialise more often. I think they realise that I don’t see myself getting into an arranged marriage.

Lost in love but still looking for that magic in her life: Yes. I have fallen in love. It has happened a couple of times. But they didn’t work out. I believe that it’s better to have loved and lost rather than never to have loved at all.

Qualities in her dream-man: I’ll marry someone who gives me some butterflies in my stomach. Someone like George Clooney. His age is now beginning to show, so maybe someone younger. He should be someone I can discuss anything under the sun with. Most importantly, he should be very self-assured.

Faith in a relationship: My man should accept me just the way I am. If he hears rumours linking me with someone, he should have faith in me. And if it’s bothering him, he should bring it up with me and not let it fester. Also, he should be able to deal with the attention and adulation we stars get.

Giving up her acting career for her man: Not at all! If I decide to do that, that’s a different story. I’ll go with the flow. But it can’t be someone else’s decision. Being an actress is a big part of me. That – and my family – is my driving force. I can manage both, a career and marriage. Why would I want to wake up one morning and give it all up just because someone else is pressurising me to?

Her thoughts on marrying a rich man: It does make sense. Most men cannot handle women who earn more than them. There is an Abhimaan type of situation in most relationships where the woman is more famous and has a bigger bank balance. Don’t get me wrong – I am not a materialistic person. But it’s always wiser to marry someone who is at least as well of as you, if not better. Besides, money is important, isn’t it?

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