Rann Movie Review: Rann Is News-worthy

Rann has Ram Gopal Varma, coming back to form again after some really atrocious movies like Agyaat, Contract, Darling and Aag. Despite its flaws, Rann holds on its own and is able to sustain the interest of the people, till the finishing line.

Rann is the story of the news media baron Vijay Harshwardhan Malik(Amitabh Bachchan) running India 24×7 channel which believes in showing news as it happens. His arch rivals including Amrish Kakkar(Mohnish Behl) believes in sensationalizing news and his channel enjoys high TRPS. Vijay’s son Jai(Sudeep) wants his father’s channel to be number one and with support from a high-flying businessman Naveen  Shankalya(Rajat Kapoor) and a shrewd politician, opposition leader Mohan Pandey(Paresh Rawal), create a story about the prime minster being responsible for a recent bomb-blast. Mohan Pandey has high plans of leveraging this channel for his political gains. Nevertheless, Vijay Malik telecasts this news, which manages to overthrow the government, leaving the road open to Mohan Pandey to become the prime minister.  However, a rookie journalist from India 24×7, Purab(Ritesh Deshumukh) foils the plot and exposes everyone involved in the nexus, including Jai

What’s hot in Rann: Rann is a riveting experience. The setting is just right and the concept is very relevant.  The first half builds tension throughout the film and you sense something wrong happening at any given point of time. Ramu has achieved to give a Sarkar-like effect to  Rann, though this one is more cerebral in nature while the former one was more physical. You can see tension filled moments in the board-room meeting scene, the ‘missed call’ scene and Sudeep’s confrontation with Ritesh

Rann’s best thing is that he has not compromised at any time in his views on the media. The movie has taken an impartial, frank take on the news-politics-business nexus. Some of the notable pieces in Rann are the ones laced in humor.   For instance, the scene where the prime minister’s statement is cut and shown three times for extra effect is very notable and a dig on most news channels who create similar type of sensationalism. Also interesting are scenes where Ramu shows how a certain element of news gets divergent reporting from various news channels just for competitive edge.  The icing on the cake is the climax scene where Amitabh Bachchan talks about his regrettable action and how news today is just money making racket rather than giving meaningful insights on the situation that exists.

What’s disappointing in Rann

Ram Gopal Varma’s camera tricks that he often uses in horror movies were not needed in Rann. For instance, there are quite a few scenes in which the camera gives a needless top angle and quivers incessantly. What is the need for you to shake the camera when you are just showing two people having normal conversation? Women have nothing to do in the film. If Neetu Chandra shows her body through seethrough gowns, Gul Panag looks and acts dumb. Neena Kulkarni who plays wife to Amitabh Bachchan has a totally forgettable role.Suchitra Krishnamoothy is the only one who has somewhat meaningful role in the file, though it does look chopped. The biggest loopholes in the film are the sting operation scene, which looks fake and also the scene in which Big B exposes the truth about bomb-blasts (in the first half) without even consulting his team of reporters.  The background score is a disappointment except for the ‘saare neta chor hain’ track.

Performances in Rann

Rann works because of good performances by the male team in the film (women do not have much to do). Ritesh Deshmukh has a serious role and he has not even smiled even once in the film. But then since the role demanded the serious look and tone, he has done justice to it. Rajpal Yadav is brilliant in his cameo role. He manages to keep audience in splits whenever he comes on the screen. Amitabh Bachchan has a small role in the film, but his signature performance in the end leaves the audience rooting for more. Paresh Rawal and Rajat Kapoor have one dimensional role and they are good at their parts. However, one guy who stands out in Rann is the Kannada superstar Sudeep, who plays son to Amitabh Bachchan in the film. He has played the confused but agitated character very well.

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