Veer Movie Review: Monumental Disappointment

Veer Movie Review: Monumental Disappointment

Veer turns out to be yet another dismal attempt at making a period film. Salman Khan’s dream project, as he said, suffers from the lack of a good script, and all that opulence does very little to salvage the movie. This was one movie a lot of people were rooting for because of its fresh, albeit period look.  But then the movie is sure to disappoint many as it falters and become clichéd with every passing reel and nosedives after the second half.

The direction of Veer is over-the-top, just going to prove that not all directors can pull off a period drama. Salman Khan who is also the script writer of the movie has taken inspiration from various sources like Gladiator, Conan the Barbarian, the novel Taras Bulba, Titanic and the desi hits Kranti and Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge and come up with a mish-mash that is hard to digest. The main flaw of Veer lies in the confusion in the script and the director’s perception. One cannot fathom what they wanted to make –a love story or a patriotic film. Anyway, the movie does not appeal to both the senses.

There are some good things in Veer too. Background score by Monty is pleasing and so are Tinu Verma’s action sequences. The production design by Sanjay Dhabade gives an authentic feel of the bygone era. Veer has bright touches to it like the opulent sets, great camera work and sound but these technicalities are no consolation for the soul of the film-the script. Though there is an explanation given about why Salman Khan and Sohail Khan have to go to London(for studying), it throws the historical appeal haywire..From there, it never recovers and even when they put the swords and shields back in, the impact is lost. The second half talks about things like love, freedom, anger, betrayal etc and you are bored to pay attention to most of them. Of course, the ending is more an anti-climax with the penultimate part being long-drawn and the climax ending in a bizarre manner.

Salman Khan who plays Veer, the bravest of Pindaris, the tribe on which the movie is based, breathes life in the film.  But even his hardcore fans will be disappointed. Zarine Khan resembles Katrina Kaif but still has a long way to go. Mithun Chakraborthy does his role efficiently and Jackie Shroff may evoke an indifferent response.  Sohail Khan is grating on your nerves and people like Puru Raaj Kumar and Aryan Vaid get no scope. Neena Gupta is as usual. The English actors are given sterotype roles.

Even if Veer does well, it will be tough to keep going for another week because of the high cost of the movie

3 Responses to “Veer Movie Review: Monumental Disappointment”

  1. Gaur says:

    It is unfortunate to see so bad review of Veer.It shows all is not well in media.We will loose trust in media if this kind of unfair review and rough analysis going on.I found Veer a petriotic movie on many instances and my freinds have similar views and also i visited around 100 review sites.Kindly see the visitors comments all are Happy with Veer and against critical review of it. Veer is a petriotic movie which gives many messages of petriotism, not to harm weekers, secrifice for country, indian bravery…oppose of Veer by unfair media is opposition of Deshbhakti/Petriotism….Kindly see the crowd on BO and +ve response for this movie of common people….Thanks to Anil Sharma Ji for revolutionizing the petriotism by his petriotic movies we selute you and your team …Thanks a lot……Jai Hind

  2. admin says:

    @Gaur, you are correct there is no question that this is a patriotic movie, but not all patriotic moves are well-made. I understand your feeling about conveying message about love for the country although this review is based on how we perceive the movie in terms of direction, script, acting and various factors.

    Jai Hind.

  3. neeraj says:

    movie was very good , salman & mithun plays exceptionally well . this are the one of best roles they ever played . i dont know wats going on .

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