Why Aamir Khan Dislikes Going to Award Functions

Aamir Khan has the habit of giving the biggest hits every year in Bollywood. He hit bull’s eye with his directorial debut  Taare Zameen Par in 2007. He gave one of the biggest blockbusters ever in the form of Ghajini in 2008. That record was broken in 2009 when Aamir Khan Starrer 3 Idiots broke all previous records.  But for his own set of reasons, Aamir Khan has kept himself away from popular awards. He has been seen at unconventional award ceremonies like Gollapudi Srinivas Memorial award and Mangeshkar Awards instituted by  Lata Mangeshkar. He has also been present at CNBC’s Outstanding Business Leader awards ceremony which gave Aamir Khan an award for Entertainment Business Leader.

People may know that as a producer when his movies make it to the awards, Aamir Khan does not even let the award functions use the clippings of his film in the nominations. He had even once contemplated suing Filmfare for more than Rs. 200 million for showing him holding the ‘Lady in Black’ trophy.  Aamir Khan had stopped attending popular Film awards after he was not given the award for the 1995 hit Rangeela, the award which went to Shahrukh Khan for Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge. Though he assures that he has nothing against SRK, Aamir is none too pleased with the way awards are being organized and given.

Though in Raja Hindustani (1996), he finally got the Best Actor Award (Filmfare), he decided it was enough for him to attend these award ceremonies. However when Lagaan(2001) was a superhit and received an Oscar nomination for the Best Foreign Film, he was in the US to promote it aggressively. When asked about the selection process and authenticity of Indian Film awards, Aamir Khan says, “The fact is that I have no objections to film awards per se. I just feel that if I don’t value a particular film award, then I won’t go attending it either. Apart from the national award, I don’t see any other award ceremony that I should give value to. My personal experience about these award ceremonies is that I don’t trust them. I have no faith in them so I would prefer to stay away.”

Certainly, we do not know who is getting lucky here, but the award functions are really losing out when the most talented Khan of them is not around.

6 Responses to “Why Aamir Khan Dislikes Going to Award Functions”

  1. Hauwa jajere says:

    Actually, what amir was saying is true cos somtimes, d award is not giving to those who deserve

  2. Amir Tamang says:

    All khans r my fav actors..they have different styles and talents…but moreover the movie which aamir played must have been the one to win the awards…but like he says if people likes his movies..it’s his awards,,i’ll and many of my friends will definitely go with it…Aamir khan deserves many things 4m bollywood…and definitely he’s no.1 actor in bollywood right now…after he has created a history in the indian cinema….But the 3 khans,ajay devgan and akshaya kumar are my top bollywood actors of all time.

  3. bhushan says:

    yes he is right , every awards are just received by few peoples who have good relations with awards organizers and also on box office barometer.In rangeela aamir should beg the awards against shahrukha DDLJ. so Even 95% of audience are expecting that awards goes to aamir but it didn’t.

  4. tana says:

    i think aamir is right. he deserves more awards than other actors as best actor

  5. PIYALI says:


  6. RAY says:

    Cant say aamir khan should have got the award for rangeela..ShahRukh Khan in DDLJ also performed too good to bag the award..till date DDLJ has got the highest crowd craze

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