Movie Review: My Name is Khan (MNIK) – A Touching, Mesmerizing Experience

Movie Review: My Name is Khan (MNIK) – A Touching, Mesmerizing Experience

Say Bye to Raj/ Rahul and welcome Mr. Rizwan Khan, the protagonist of My Name is Khan. Right from its inception to the very day of release of the movie, My Name is Khan has been mired in controversies. However, the movie rocks from the word ‘go’. A deftly made movie by Karan Johar with its heart in the right place, this SRK-Kajol starrer is not to be missed.

Rizvan Khan(Shahrukh Khan) suffers from Asperger’s syndrome and lives with his mother(Zarina Wahab) and brother(Jimmy Shergill). When his brother becomes old enough, he goes to San Francisco to work. After his mother’s death, Shahrukh khan left all alone to himself goes to join his brother who asks him to market beauty products to earn a living. There he meets Mandira(Kajol) a beautician and falls in love. Mandira is divorcee and has a child called Sameer.  The family of SRK(Jimmy Shergill and his sister-in-law Sonya Jehar) are against it but they subsequently relent. The couple marries but post 9/11, their life changes when the attitude towards Muslims undergoes a sea-change. Sameer dies due to an accident and Mandira thinks that her marriage with Rizvan was responsible for this scenario, and blames him squarely. She dares him to go to meet the US president and say that he is not a terrorist. That thought sits put in his mind, and embarks on a journey to meet the US president. This is his moving and inspirational story who achieves his goal despite all odds

What’s hot in My Name is Khan? My  Karan Johar’s direction is first-rate. He has done a stupendous job in capturing the emotions brilliantly.  The screenplay by Shibani Bhatija is very good. Ravi Chandran’s cinematography makes the movie very-eye catching.  Shankar Ehsaan Loy’s music goes with the mood of the film.   The dialogues by Niranjan Iyengar are memorable; even clichéd ones like ‘duniya mein doh tarah ka log hain, acha aur bura’ are sure to strike a chord possibly due to its relevance factor now.

Some of the scenes in the movie are brilliant, especially Shahrukh Khan’s speech at the church, the sequence where Rizvan saves a house in hurricane stricken hamlet and of course, the scene where Sameer dies. That really left a lot of people misty-eyed.

What’s not so hot in My Name is Khan? Well, though overall everything is hunky-dory with My Name is Khan, there are a few aberrations. For instance,   actors like Arif Zakaria and Sameer Raghavan are wasted in small roles. Also the whole media exercise towards the end could have been trimmed down.

Performances in My Name is Khan

Kajol has less to do in the film, particularly in the second-half but in the scenes involving confrontation with SRK, she is brilliant. Only she can compliment him seamlessly compared to any other actresses the superstar has worked with. The megastar on the other hand, has done a fabulous job, so much that it wouldn’t be wrong to call it among one of SRK’s career-best performances. Watch SRK emote beautifully as he talks about the loss of his son Sameer in the church or when he tells the Jihadi elements that they are wrong, and you know why very few can match up to Shahrukh Khan’s class when it comes to sheer emotions.

To sum up: My Name is Khan is a must-watch film for anyone with a heart. Go see it, it can make you view the world differently.

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