Movie Review: Hum Tum and Ghost – Ghostly Blunder

Movie Review: Hum Tum and Ghost – Ghostly Blunder

It is raining ghosts these days in Bollywood; nothing wrong in that but some of them scare us out of the theater. Hum Tum aur Ghost is one of them.

Story of Hum Tum aur Ghost:

Fashion photographer Armaan(Arshad Warsi) hears strange noises every night when he is alone.  He starts drinking heavily in vain to drown those noises and is found sleeping at railway stations. Strangely, he does not discuss this problem with his girlfriend Gehna(Dia Mirza) who is a editor of a fashion magazine. Now, our boy begins to see dead people, aside from just hearing their voices.  These ghosts are not really ‘liberated’ as such because they have their last wish to fulfill and they find Armaan, the right guy to do this for them. One of the persons, Armaan helps out is Kapoor(Boman Irani) who is quite a troublesome spirit. Gehna is now irritated by Armaan and is convinced that he is schizophrenic  and decides to dump him. The rest of the film is all about Armaan keeping his girlfriend and the ghosts happy

What’s hot in Hum Tum aur Ghost: The film is loaded with a lot more minuses than pluses. However, here are some notable good points in the film. Dia Mirza looks pretty as a punch and Arshad Warsi comes up with some cracking one-liners.  Boman Irani breathes life into the ‘dead’ character. The script is novel to some extent but the dim-wit screenplay does it in

What’s not hot in Hum, Tum aur Ghost: Hum Tum aur Ghost’s screenplay is a big let-down and movies sluggishly.  The songs are of no use and just prolong the length.  First of all, we do not know what the movie is about-a romantic comedy, a horror flick or something else. Though the movie is littered with too many ‘I love you’ exchanges between the lead pair, there is not a single romantic scene or line that you can remember. Without enough substance, the movie just drags and the twist in the end offers little consolation

Arshad’s look is pitiable. He looks unwashed, scruffy and seems to have a bad hair day, not really agreeing with the character of a fashion photographer.  The movie has far too many clichés, the son mistreating his mother after his father’s death, the doubting girlfriend, father disapproving his daughter’s choice etc.  The parallel track about Armaan’s assistant played by Sandhya Mridul whom he insists must wear miniskirts only seem forced. Then there is this scene about the editor girlfriend getting sozzled up and doing a hot dance number for effect. Dia Mirza’s character is dubious, though she wins an ‘excellence award’ you rarely see her working and then she even mixes her personal life with professional, firing her boyfriend from a project for not taking her calls. Come on!

Performances in Hum, Tum aur Ghost: Arshad Warsi is not up to the mark in the film and the fact that he looks lost does not really help much. Dia Mirza is the best part about the movie, never mind her character is flawed, she puts up a delightful performance. Boman Irani is good too

Conclusion: Enjoy the vibrance of Dia Mirza and the air conditioning in the theater.

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