Movie Review : Mittal vs Mittal – Substantial but Mediocre

Movie Review : Mittal vs Mittal – Substantial but Mediocre

Mittal vs Mittal  is a movie that explores marital rape, a subject that has been toyed around in the past, in the form of movies like Provoked, Matrubhoomi and Daman.  This movie directed by Karan Razdan who has a penchant for making unconventional and bold women-centric films, does an average job here, though it is a tad better than his previous outings like Hawas and Girlfriend

Story of Mittal vs Mittal: Mitali (Rituparna Sengupta), a successful model aspires to marry a well-settled, loving husband. She meets Karan Mittal(Rohit Roy), high flying heir to the throne of the one of the biggest scions in the country. Now Mitali is a girl from a middle-class background and her lifestyle is a complete contrast to Karan’s opulent lifestyle.

The persuasive Karan lands up at Mitali’s house with his parent (Amar Talwar, Dolly Thakore) with a marriage proposal. Mitali’s parents (Anjan Srivastava, Reema Lagoo) approve of the match and the marriage is solemnized.  However, what happens later is a complete opposite to what Mitali expected from the marriage. Her mother-in-law creates misunderstandings between Karan and her. Karan only listens to his mom and mistreats his wife. He subdues Mitali’s independence and tortures her mentally and physically. Things become unbearable when he forces himself on her and rapes her repeatedly against her will.

Unable to bear pain and humiliation, Mitali decides to take the legal recourse. She walks out of her husband’s home and hires a layer (Suchitra Krishnamoorthi) to file a case against her husband.  Karan in turn, hires the best lawyer in the city (Gulshan Grover) and loads him with cash so that he does not have to face embarrassment in the court. The rest of the movie delves on how Mitali gets justice

What’s hot in Mittal vs Mittal

It is a good thing to note that director Karan Razdan has given a different movie that touches the sensitive issue of marital rape amidst contemporary movies that are purely comedies or rom-coms.  Issue-based movies, such as this, need to be encouraged.  It is a sincere effort and though the mid-way, the movie does become formulaic, Mittal vs Mittal does hold interest. The cinematography is laudable and one very good thing about the film is that it does not deviate from its theme.

There are few songs in the narrative and the theme song that appears at regular intervals is haunting. If you are going for skin show typical of Karan Razdan films, there are generous doses of it. The marital rape scenes for better or worse, take maximum footage in the film.

What’s not so hot in Mittal vs Mittal

The court room scenes are not so strong in the film. Though the clash between Gulshan and Suchitra can keep you hooked, the sequences by themselves do not hold much water. Though it is understandable that most of the films have switched over to English dialogues to attract the youth and the multiplex audiences, Karan Razdan should have know that it is better to stick to Hindi, if he want to appeal this film to a wider audience, which it definitely deserves. For instance, in one scene, a woman talks about the atrocities committed to her by her husband in English, something that an average woman from the village may not understand even if she relates to the subject.  That definitely is a blunder from the team of Mittal vs Mittal.

Post interval, the movie becomes formulaic. There is an item song just to justify that the husband has a philandering way with women. The TV show thing where both parties are called for a discussion is again a cliché. It would have been better if the movie stuck to the grit rather than sensation.

Performances in Mittal vs Mittal

Both Rituparna and Rohit are quite convincing and credible. Rituparna is admirably outstanding and Rohit is fantastic as well. Character actors Gulshan Grover, Sushmita Krishnamoorthy are interesting and the performances by Reema Lagoo, Anjan Srivastava and Amar Talwar are good.

Conclusion: Mittal vs Mittal is an average film due to the fact that the movie tread the usual, predictable way post interval.

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