Movie Review: Prince – Prince is Rich But Without Soul

Movie Review: Prince – Prince is Rich But Without Soul

Bollywood’s fascination with memory loss continues and this time it is Prince(Vivek Oberoi) who does not even have a faint inkling about who he is and what does he do.  Though the movie has one of the best action sequences in Bollywood, it is quite a poor movie script wise.

Story of Prince: After a daredevil heist, Vivek Oberoi awakes the next morning to realize that he has had a gun-shot injury and he cannot recall what had happened to him the night before. In fact, he does not even remember who he is.  The first half of the movie is about Vivek trying to find out his real identity.  Soon it dawns on to him that he works for a man called Sarang and that his girlfriend’s name is Maya. But then three ‘Mayas’ come to his life, each giving him their own interpretation of how she had met him and what transpired with them before he lost his mind.

Now Vivek is wanted by both the CBI and Sarang ; both of them are after him(Vivek) because he knows about a chip that is embedded in a coin; this chip is something that can erase a person’s mind altogether. Now, this sounds like an excellent idea considering the chip also implanted in Vivek’s brain can be used for national strategy and espionage. But the execution of this concept falls flat and the twists do not really grip you, nor does it sound convincing. Anyway, post interval Vivek meets the real Maya who helps him find the coin, the chip and there are chase scenes, blasts, fights galore before justice prevails

What is hot in Prince: Director Kookie V.Gulati has tried a different subject which sounds quite commendable and it is wonderful to see Tips company spending a bomb for the movie; they have made no compromise when it comes to action scenes. So it is quite a joy to watch those high flying action sequences in the theatre. The editing of Prince is done by Nicolas Trembasiewicz, the same guy who edited ‘Transformer’ , the Hollywood hit. The action sequences and the chase scenes are done by Allan Amin, and they are heart-stopping at times. The visuals are great too. So on all these parameters, the movie is quite impressive

What’s not Hot in Prince: Though the action and chase sequences are good, what good do they serve when the script is below par? A half baked script pulls down the movie. The second half of the movie only has loads of action but they seem mindless.  So though you may love the camera angles of the exciting bike scenes atop of a high –rise building, you wonder where is all this leading to. Secondly, the fight scenes almost look superhuman that you may wonder if Prince is a real guy or a superhuman

Shiraz Ahmed who wrote the script of Race, made it quite entertaining with twists; he makes an attempt to put them in Prince too but they don’t really work.  The twists are predictable. For instance, when Nandana Sen says that she is Maya, you know she is bluffing.  Also the entire plot looks hackneyed straight from a 70s film. The deal about the gold coin, the smugglers –all make the movie look dated-leather jackets and explosions here and there don’t really suffice.  Props like safe deposit lockers, transmitters in the shoes are some of the elements reminiscent of a bygone era.  Dialogues are jaded and some of the performances do not really impress.

Performances in Prince:

The performances in Prince are not really something that you can talk much about. Vivek Oberoi does get the look right, but he tends to overact in some scenes.  He does not really suit the role as such.   We don’t know why but when Vivek is so damn good in movies like Saathiya, Kurbaan and Shoot Out At Lokhandwala, he seems to run out of fuel in movies like Mission Istanbul and Prince. Nandana Sen has a lousy hairdo and makes an effort to look seductive. She is just okay and Neeru Bajwa does not have enough role. The only person who comes across very natural and acts her role well is Aruna Shields.  The rest of the cast has nothing much to write home about


Prince could have been definitely punched a few holes in the box office, if it had a good, thrilling script.

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