Movie Review: Badmaash Company – Good Script, Bad Execution

Movie Review: Badmaash Company – Good Script, Bad Execution

Badmaash Company, actor Parmeet Sethi’s directorial debut is a movie that works on the script level, thankfully but surprisingly falls in all the other departments. Yash Raj banner possibly thought they would get better with this second con film, from their stable after Bunti Aur Babli.

Story of Badmaash Company:

Three guys, Shahid Kapoor, Vir Das and Meiyang Chang and a gal, Anushka Sharma decide to be experts at conning people and make some quick buck during the early 90s. In the first few reels, we see them going to Bangkok with some shady guy and when they come back to India, the foursome are bitten by the con bug. Shahid’s character particularly is quite confident about making lot of hot cash with his ideas. Soon they start executing their plans.  They do a shoe con and make a good deal of money. But just when they think that their business is rocking, the slashing of import duty puts a rough patch on their aspirations.

The four then move on to a bigger con-job where this time they target the US. They rake in the riches but then, the three guys begin to have differences. Shahid particularly becomes egoistic and pompous, Chang blows his money on drinking and Vir decides to look for better opportunities. Their mortgage conning catches up with them and Shahid is arrested. By this time, the four have split. Shahid is bailed out by his uncle and a pregnant Anushka Sharma. Shahid decides to live life in a honest manner and does menial jobs but soon he is bitten again by the conning bug again enough to solve a desperate problem his uncle is in. The other two guys forget their differences and join him in the last heist.  Will they pull it off now?

What’s hot in Badmaash Company

1. Badmaash Company has a good script and Parmeet Sethi seems to have done a commendable job researching matter for the film.
2. There are the regular Yash Chopra props-the actress strutting her stuff in the bikini, the beach song, the smooch, the scenic locales and the virtuous parents.
3. The con jobs are smartly done and one must say, we haven’t seen these in a Bollywood movie before.
4. Anushka Sharma has an amazing screen presence

What’s not Hot in Badmaash Company

1. Some of the scenes are totally boring and lengthen the movie. For instance, the Greencard holder scene, the filmi scene of Shahid Kapoor squandering his money in gambling, Shahid Kapoor doing menial jobs in the second half, Anupam Kher’s lecture about ‘Bada Aadmi’ are not really needed and lengthen the film unnecessarily
2. There are glaring errors in the film, for instance in one of the cons, Shahid Kapoor and Anushka Sharma decide to purposely delay the order so that the American does not have time to check the order. That is BS, who will not check the order when he is taking from seemingly unscrupulous people, not matter how late the order is?
3. Weak Music except for ‘Ayashi’
4. Slow plot and very weak screenplay
5. Lengthy Climax stretched unnecessarily, looking exaggerated.

Best Scene in Badmaash Company

The scene where Virdaas tells Shahid Kapoor that he would like to leave the company as he has other opportunities and Shahid says that he is the one who has made them rich.

Performances in Badmaash Company

Performances in Badmaash Company are a big letdown. Shahid Kapoor looks restless in the film, he is inconsistent. In some of the scenes, where he gets to wear dashing glares and flaunt the riches, he is good but during the dramatic scenes and fights with Anushka, he is terrible.  Chang is very bad and should perhaps stick to singing and dancing. Virdas is also unconvincing. The only person who is okay in the film is Anushka Sharma, she is effortless and has a good screen presences. Wish the other actors complimented her well.

Conclusion: The fate of this movie is exactly what Shahid Kapoor does in the film, cross his fingers.

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