Movie Review: Chase – Avoidable!

Movie Review: Chase – Avoidable!

Jagmohan Mundhra may not have had too many people come to his ‘Apartment’ but he hasn’t given up on his Chase. For Chase, Jagmohan Mundhra has cast a new hero, Anuuj who is also the producer of the film. Turns out that Chase is an actino film without much of an iota of an element to keep you hooked

Story of Chase: A biker is being chased by police cops; the guy (Anuuj) is a prime suspect for a slain minister.  As soon as the police catch up with him, he loses consciousness and slips into coma.  He is shifted to Panchgani Hospital under the observation of police inspector Samir Kochchar(yep, the IPL guy).  Enter Udita Goswami who is a ‘special nurse’ who decides to take ‘be aroused and open your eyes’ track.  Yes, she tries every trick to make Anuuj wake up, including prancing in miniskirts and doing seductive number.  Finally pissed with all this and lack of response, she pushes him into a little pond, and fortunately or unfortunately, Anuuj wakes up.  This is the Interval

If you are interested in knowing more, then here goes…  It turns out Udita is a police inspector and Anuuj is a BSF commando who is been framed by a rich business man (Aditya Raj Kapoor) and DIG(Rajesh Khattar). Meanwhile Anuuj’s girlfriend is also killed in an accidental shootout.  Then there is Gulshan Grover in a small, special appearance, the only performance which makes you nod in agreement.  The stupid cat and mouse game finally winds up with a shoddy sting operation scene

What’s hot in Chase: Udita Goswami.Nothing else in the movie can come even close to warm

What’s not hot in Chase:  What is wrong with Jag Mohan Mundhra, he was so much better with the so-called ‘soft pornos’ like Monsoon, Tales of the Kamasutra, Sexual Malice or issue-based films like Bawander and Provoked, and  he is not made for commercial Bollywood fare, but well, he can keep on trying.  The movie is poorly written, poorly performed and poorly directed

Performances in Chase: Udita Goswami can be clearly blamed for being near-extinct, though she may not have much of a choice these days; she still makes a lot of bad ones for sure.  A person with unconventional striking features and good looks, Udita can pick better movies. Anuuj acts best when he is in comma, he does not have to do anything and that is when he looks convincing. The moment he gets up and starts to act; that’s when the trouble starts. Gulshan Grover is the only one who looks like a star among these minnows. Samir Kocchar does not have much to do in the film.

Verdict:  Cut through the Chase and Watch Tom and Jerry instead.

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