Movie Review: Kites – Does Not Fly in the Right Direction, But Looks Beautiful

Movie Review: Kites – Does Not Fly in the Right Direction, But Looks Beautiful

To begin with, Kites lack content but does have its moments.  This was one of the most awaited films in recent years and considering it was a Hrithik Roshan project produced by father Rakesh Roshan and directed by the fantastic director Anurag Basu; there has been a high amount of expectation from this expensive, lavish film. Stylish but devoid of a good script, that is Kites for you.

Story of Kites:
Kites is a story about two street smart hustlers who cross paths, marrying themselves into a rich brutal Las Vegas family for monetary considerations.  Hrithik Roshan is a dance teacher, trying to strike big at the casinos. Since money is not reliable from his dance classes,  he sells DVDs and marries immigrants for money  so that they could get the coveted greencard.  Kangna Ranaut is the girl who fancies him and proposes marriage to him and though he is no mood to say yes, when he finds out that she is actually the daughter of a rich casino owner(Kabir Bedi), he changes his mind.

Hrithik gets invited to the wedding of Kangna’s brother Nicky Brown. At their fancy palace facing the sea, Hrithik lays his eyes on Nicky’s bride Linda(Barbara Mori). It turns out that her real name is Natasha, one of the 11 immigrants whom Hrithik had married. Now Kangna’s father and brother are actually running a parallel underworld and operating a crime syndicate.   In these dangerous circumstances, the abused Barbara Mori and Hrithik Roshan realize that they are in love.

In a confrontation where Nick slaps Linda, Hrithik threatens to blow his brains off and escapes with his girl. Thereafter they have nothing do but run, as the goons and city police are after them. Though we cannot disclose the end, the finale is open to many opinions, some of them who will find it stupid and some of them who will find it to be one of the best climaxes they have ever seen in Bollywood.

What is good about Kites?

  • Kites  has got style, it has panache; it is one of the most visually appealing movies ever seen in Bollywood.
  • Hrithik Roshan and Barbara Mori’s chemistry; the romance between the actors is palpable and some of the scenes really have the stamp of love in them.
  • Hrithik Roshan’s performance: No questions about it, he rises above the script and makes a winner out of Kites.
  • Anurag Basu’s direction: Though the movie is low on content, his treatment and execution is par excellence.  Anurag Basu’s impressive flair at treating a subject beautifully comes to the fore during the climax.
  • The script may not be strong enough but the screenplay is strong and manages to sustain your interest.
  • Barbara Mori:She looks refreshing, ethereal and  innocently sexy, that you feel like reaching out to her and hugging her. The camera loves her, for sure.
  • The ethos-filled background score gives flight to the emotions in the film.

What’s not:

  • Kites’ script is thin and with a project of such magnanimity, it would have been better if the script had more meat. The movie does not go anywhere in the first half and the second half is fraught with two kinds of scenes: love scenes and chase scenes. Wish there was some novelty here.
  • The handling of Nicolas Brown’s character is not good enough and Kabir Bedi who was positioned as the main villain is reduced to an extra. In fact, he disappears in the second half.
  • It is pretty obvious that the director has failed to handle the extras well in the film as he has concentrated all his resources on Hrithik and Barbara.
  • The interaction with the American police looks fake and not so convincing.
  • Rajesh Roshan’s music is okay. Given the fact that his music has been the mainstay of Rakesh Roshan films like Kaho Na Pyaar Hai,  Koi Mil Gaya, Karan Arjun etc, he looks out of form in both Krissh(2006) and Kites barring two songs, Zindagi and Dil Kyun Yeh Mera.

Performances in Kites:

Hrithik Roshan is simply unbeatable, he is just perfect for Kites, he is the one that elevates the film above its script. Watch him hypnotize you with his dance steps, he looks ethereal in the bearded look and turns out to be absolutely divine with broad sinewy shoulders in one of the scenes which has an equally hot looking Barbara Mori in the same frame. As much as remarkable he is with his dancing and his wooing the girl in the movie, he is equally appealing in his injured avatar limping his way to find his love.

Barbara Mori compliments Hrithik Roshan so effectively that you can safely say that no other actress has been able to strike that kind of chemistry with him. Naturally gorgeous, Barbara Mori’s pearly white teeth and gleam in the eyes, not to mention her brilliant performance is sure to steal hearts.   Kangna, Bollywood’s Miss Reliable for doped out and mad-girl parts, sadly, has no scope to perform, and one must applaud the  fact that the Roshans decided to keep her out of the limelight in the promotions because that would tantamount to cheating her fans.


Watch Kites for the crackling chemistry between the riveting Barbara Mori and the passionate Hrithik Roshan and the splendid finale. The movie definitely could have been better, though.

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