Movie Review: Lafangey Parindey – Engaging, Enchanting

Movie Review: Lafangey Parindey – Engaging, Enchanting

Lafangey Parindey is a brilliant love-story; a relief to see a good true-blue romantic movie after a long time.  A movie based on chawl life this story follows the dream of a girl called Pinky Palkar(Deepika Padukone) with a dream to make it big which is evidently dashed; and how her lover gives her a new  lease of life.

Story of Lafangey Parindey:

Lafangey Parindey is a story of two people with different aspirations in life.  Pinky(Deepika Padukone) is a girl who is brilliant with her dancing skills but she feels that she was born in a wrong place where people never take her seriously. Among the building guys there is one Nandu(Neil Nitin Mukesh) who earns a living by fighting in a boxing ring; he has earned the name “one shot Nandu” for beating opponents blindfolded.

One night Nandu and his pal (Kay Kay Menon) are involved in an encounter with the bad guys and during the chasing scene Nandu who drives the vehicle in a mad rush hits and runs his car at a person and whizzes away. Nandu comes to know the next day that his friend is dead but a bigger jolt awaits him when he comes to know that he had ran his car on Pinky.  It becomes traumatic to him and his friends in the building to see Pinky’s world crashing down she has slipped out of coma only to become blind.

Pinky’s dance teacher gives up on her because he would rather make a career with someone who  can ‘see’ and dance.  Nandu and his friends are awestruck at seeing the girl’s zeal to not give up despite all odds. This inspires Nandu to help her attain her goal of participating in “India’s Got Talent”. He proves to be an invaluable partner to Pinky so much that she insists that he dance with her. Both become each other’s inspiration and finally fall in love. But there comes a time when Pinky comes to know the reality the truth behind her accident.  Will she accept Nandu back in her life?

What works for Lafangey Parindey:

One of the biggest driving forces for Lafangey Parindey is undoubtedly Deepika Padukone. She has an alluring earthy presence and has performed remarkably well. The script is strong and Pradeep Sarkar’s execution is commendable.  The chemistry between Neil Nitin Mukesh and Miss. Padukone is definitely laudable. Some of the dialogues are brilliant: ‘Shaana Banna Hain Ki Yeda?’ and ‘Paisa Hain Toich Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge warna Hum Aapke Hain Koun?’ are catchy. Both characters Pinky and Nandu have contrasting characters with equally interesting personalities. And yes the movie does inspire. A strong mention should be made about the way the narrative flows. The screenplay flows seamlessly and one can safely say that this is Pradeep Sarkar’s best.

What does not work for Lafangey Parindey:

Nothing much here except for the fact that the second half gets a bit predictable and secondly Neil Nitin Mukesh does not really have the look of a chawl boy his fair ‘Harvard boy’ look supersedes what he wants to portray. The side-track of the cops also looks half-baked.

Performances in Lafangey Parindey;

The soul of Lafangey Parindey is Deepika Padukone. As the cheerful but spunky Pinky she outshines some of her contemporaries. It is a must watch move if you love Deepika. Neil Nitin Mukesh is also apt but he ends up looking like a supporting actor for her. All the other people in the cast have performed well.

Conclusion: An engaging watch you will enjoy your money’s worth with this one

*****(Very Good)

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