Nagesh Kukunoor: “I have pushed John to make him give his best”

Nagesh Kukunoor: “I have pushed John to make him give his best”

Nagesh Kukunoor speaks about the impending delay for Aashayein and his own journey through Bollywood

About the delay of Aashayein (It’s been in the making since 2008): There has been a delay in the release of Aashayein as you know because Percept the producer and Reliance the distributor both of them had differences and it took a while before they could sort it out. It’s extremely frustrating but you have to understand that the release was completely not in my control and it was for no fault of mine. So there was nothing I could do but wait on the sidelines talk to the people involved and say please I hope we can resolve our differences and beyond that I could do nothing.

I just had to wait and watch. No doubt it is extremely frustrating but eventually when it is now releasing I am happy and completely relieved.  Everything has been sorted and we are on for a release.

On why he has not made an out and out Bollywood commercial biggie:

I have always made films the way I know how. Now when you force fit something that is not what you naturally do you’re going to make a hotch potch. So I am never worried about making films that I don’t believe in. As it is this business is so difficult that you might as well do something that you know how in the best possible way, instead of catering to an audience and do something that you are not good at. That’s something I have never attempted. You know it’s like asking someone who’s never cooked before to make Daal Makhani, he won’t even know where to start.

About Aashayein:

Many of us put our dreams on the backburner, but the protagonist wins a huge amount of money and the same day he also finds out that he has only 90 days left to live. So, then how he deals with the rest of the time, his journey, and the characters he meets and ultimately how he resolves his thing off learning to live his life now, in the moment instead of planning. That’s Aashayein. It’s an emotional heartfelt film that sort off with a message that, don’t keep planning, the time is now.

On working with John Abraham: The most important thing is how well do you get along with that person as a person and then the actor comes in. John is highly disciplined, comes on the set on time, there is no B.S. and no frills. You shoot for as long as you want and go home. So we struck up a nice rapport and the key thing was that obviously we believed in the material so whatever it took to go that extra mile. I feel that during the process of this film I have pushed John. I have pulled out the performance that is going to catch people by surprise. But I had to push a lot out of him and get it because you know a lot of the stuff he has done up to this point is not something that was taxing himself much as this is. So once you see the performance you will be able to judge it for yourself.

On working with Sonal Sehgal: Sonal had already done some TV so she was well versed with camera, positioning and everything. So she was by far the easiest actor to work with on the set, Because when you know someone who was been on the set, faced the camera, it takes away half the stress of you having to teach them the positioning and stuff like that. Also, Sonal is an actor who takes directions very well. She takes precise direction so it was wonderful working with her. She was the easiest person to direct.

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