Dharmendra Talks About Movies, His Daughters, Sons and Being Fit

Dharmendra Talks About Movies, His Daughters, Sons and Being Fit

On working again his sons  Sunny and Bobby for the second time after Apne.
With family, there are no ego clashes, no negativity. It always gives you an extra boost, which shows in the final output. After Apne, we were flooded with offers from filmmakers who wanted to cast the three of us. But we were waiting for a good script.
Yat Yamala Pagla Deewana is a comedy, but the backbone is the emotion. Sunny and Bobby play my sons. I play a thug who has separated from my wife (played by Nafisa Joseph) and take Bobby with me. Let’s keep the rest of the story under wraps (smiles).

About working with  daughter Esha  in “Tell Me Oh Khuda!”
With daughters, you see, I am still a man from the village. Let’s not go there. All said and done, we live for the happiness of our children, don’t we? I felt very tense when I saw her doing so many action scenes. She was hanging from the wing of a plane. I was waiting in my vanity van and I called her. Her phone was off. I called up the director. She was hauled up and assured me that she was fine. When I wasn’t convinced, she said that she has my Jat blood and I should stop worrying about her.

About wife Hema Malini directing him in “Tel Me Oh Khuda!”
On the sets, I only think of her as a director. The same applies to all my directors, even if they are my friends. Hema is a capable director. She knows what she is doing.

On his idea about the Sholay sequel
I was toying with the idea of a sequel. But it will never happen. It’s too late, 35 years have elapsed.I was thinking that Amitabh should be a soul who is still attached to Jaya. I return to the house where Jaya lives, but she informs me that the village now has more brutal dacoits than Gabbar Singh. I recruit Bobby Deol and Abhishek Bachchan to wipe them out. And then Jaya tells Amitabh’s soul that Bobby is his new Veeru, but he too is a boozard (laughs).

Actually, I am writing a film script.. The film will be called Portable Lover. The protagonist is an emotional person who gets into various relationships. Many girls come into his life and go away. I will also play a role.

About completing 50 years in Bollywood and high points in his career
In terms of movies, I would say the highs have been Phool Aur Pathar, Sholay, Chupke Chupke, Anupma and Bandini. In terms of adulation, I think I am blessed. I am born to love and to get love. I want to trace even one person who doesn’t like me. I had wanted to attain heights and never retire. But frankly, I hadn’t expected that I’ll last 50 years in Bollywood.

His regular day
On most days, I get up by 6 am. I get on the exercycle machine for an hour. I gradually raise my heart rate to 100 per minute. Then I feel on top of the world.

On his battle with drinking problem
Yes. That’s why I am kicking again. I mistreated alcohol. Sharab mujhse gussa ho gayi, usne mujhse kaha ki tumhe mujhe peena nahin aaya. Chahte toh, zindagi bhar pee sakte. The realization to stop drinking dawned often. But I’d go back to drinking again. Lekin ab, bilkul nahin, bahut ho gaya. It’s been six months now. I am enjoying working out. I am enjoying my food; I eat cereals in cold milk in the morning, just one chapati and bhaji for lunch and a soup in the evening. No food after 7 pm. I am enjoying my newfound fitness.

On his health scare
No. I was just hurt and was admitted for a check-up.

About watching films in theaters in these days
No. That excitement is gone, woh zamaana kuch aur tha, first day first show, ghanti bajti thi, news reel, those samosas in the interval. If a child cried, the audience would get irritated. Today, it seems people come to theatres to recline in comfortable seats, have popcorn and drink colas.

His comments on today’s films
I think films are still good. Only they have become shorter. They don’t take time to explain the characters and the situations. But then, the world is in a hurry, isn’t it?

His plans
I want to make an autobiography of my life and put it on celluloid.

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