Arbaaz Khan Hits Back at Shobha De

Arbaaz Khan Hits Back at Shobha De

Noted writer, author and columnist Shobha De has been giving her views in tabloids and newspapers about film-stars and movies in an uncompromising, vilified manner, which has not really been going well with some of the stars. She had once made an unsavory comment on Deepika Padukone saying she was fit enough to win Miss Dombivili award; to which Deepika’s rival Sonam Kapoor said “For a 60-something porn writer, I am sure she (Shobha) knows what she’s talking about.” She also wrote “if she (Shobha) thinks Deepika is ordinary then she sure needs to wear glasses. Her eyesight is failing her.”

After calling her ‘fossil’ and many such names, Sonam finally apologized on Twitter, saying that everyone has a right to express his or her own opinion. But Shobha resurfaced again after the release of I Hate LUV Storys and went on to write her own review in one her columns. She said, “It is a wonder Karan actually approved the script of such an excruciatingly pointless film which, post-interval, suddenly takes off for New Zealand…one is ready to shake up this bloke called Punit Malhotra (chief villain) and spank him in public.”

Punit Malhotra, the director of the film, responded on twitter saying “Guys pls (sic) don’t take Shobhaa De seriously. She’s a fossil who’s getting no action and going through menopause.” And Sonam responded to that by saying “ha ha”. But why have written the title of this post as Arbaaz Khan hits back at Shobha De? When all we are talking about is Sonam and Shobha. Well what you read is just the background; what follows between Arbaaz and Shobha seems to be war.

Shobha after the release of Dabangg wrote a sarcastic review with words, “The one scene that really and truly created history and will go down as an astonishing cinematic moment is the one of Salman Khan’s shirt tearing, popping and flying off his back… all by itself! The shirt deserves a special award for performing this remarkable feat – perhaps; it marks a first in world cinema!” She continued, “Those looking for a plot, be warned – it is flimsier than Munni’s (Malaika in a sizzling item number that out-beedis Bipasha’s) barely there costumes. Both are ‘badnaam’.”

She instinctively, perhaps, seemed to have passed a judgement on Salman due to his statements on 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai. Shobha De’s observations were, “Salman Khan’s shocking statement about 26/11 smacks of arrogance, ignorance and plain stupidity. A lame apology won’t do Sallu bhai. Boycott Dabangg”

Barring Sonam, most people in Bollywood have not been paying much attention to Shobha’s statements thinking that it is worthless to give too much importance to her views. But it seems like Arbaaz Khan seems to have enough of Shobha’s tirade. He has decided to hit back at her and used the public platform Twitter to stir a whiplash. He started the Twitter discussion by writing. “Hey guys what’s your opinion on Shobha De a writer of sleaze and pornographic novels. She writes a lot of sh*# about Salman and Malaika. Her claim to fame is marrying some rich industrialist. I’m not sure if its 3 or 4. Pl lemme know” He found a lot of supporters

Arbaaz seemed to have started an Anti-Shobha campaign on the micro-blogging site. He also got personal with the lines, “Mr De hold on to your money or Shobha at 60 can still compete with Elizabeth Taylor… One thought that age makes you wiser but unfortunately it’s not happening in the case of Shobhaa who is 60… Shobhaa’s opinions on my family reek of bias, jealousy and frustration. I have been ignoring her comments for the longest time but no more… This idiotic woman had recently said ban Dabangg. Who the hell is she? Is she the god damn law?.. She’s a frustrated sleaze writer. That’s it! If this woman was not to write about celebs she would not even be entertained… Honestly I hate to give people like Shobhaa any importance but she’s been writing personal, biased stuff 4 the longest time. Enough is enough.”

Arbaaz last tweet was “Buddi Badhnaam Hui Darling Mere Liye”.

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  1. You go guys Shobhaa De is a piece of shit! Before she says anything about anyone she should look in the mirror. Imean she is pretty but who needs her input. After all she may have the fame but she does not have pride or class

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