Robot Movie Review: Rajni Rocks Big Time

Robot Movie Review: Rajni Rocks Big Time

Robot is a movie that has come with a pre-determined fate-to be super successful, as Mr. Box Office Himself features in it- Rajnikanth. With the tried and tested Mr.Moneybags producer Shankar, at the helm of affairs; the movie has to whip up a craze. And it does!

Story of Robot:

Dr. Vasi (Rajnikanth) is a scientist who works so hard that he does not have time for his girlfriend or parents. His mission is life is to create a robot that will do the most mundane of things with ease and also serve humanity in many different ways. So the humanoid that he creates, is called ‘Chitti’, a robot that looks just like him and can do anything that the scientist commands.

Vasi goes two steps ahead of what he thought and teaches the robot, the value of emotions.  Predictably, the robot falls in love with the scientist-professor’s lady love, Sana(Aishwarya Rai) and becomes an unbeatable monster who just cannot take no for an answer. This is due to the red chip that a rival scientist, Danny Denzongpa has implanted in the humanoid. What remains to be seen is, will the scientist be able to control the robot or will the machine dominate the man?

What works for ‘Robot’:

This comic book-like story is surely a treat for children and for millions of Rajnikanth fans, there may have been nothing better than Robot.

For people who fail to understand why there is so much Rajnikanth hysteria, this movie will give them a hundred clues. And we literally mean hundred clues, because in the movie , you see almost hundred Rajnikanths doing all sorts of stunts and actions, smashing cars, devouring helicopters, creating mayhem, the works in short, stunning; like no Hindi film ever has ever shown.

The climax is absolutely interesting; the last half an hour gives one of the most visually entertaining sights you have ever seen.  With the action team of Stan Winston Studio that were involved in the action for Avatar and Jurassic Park, handling the stunts in Robot, you can settle for nothing but the best. The stunts have been choreographed by the Hong Kong action director, Yuen Woo Ping, who has directed the action scenes in movies like Matrix and Kill Bill.

Yes, Rajnikanth has always been larger than life doing things that are plain stupid but entertaining, but in this movie, when you see him in the guise of a robot literally shooting someone with his fingers, you got to believe him. And by now, we are so taken by the persona of Rajnikanth, we want him to do things that other actors cannot do. Since 40 percent of the film’s massive budget of Rs. 160 crores has been invested in action, it is money well invested for sure.

It is not mindless action; there is a plot as well with a smartly woven message that is not preachy but makes you realize quite a few things in this nearly 3 hour visual feast. The love triangle between the man-woman-machine is another unique angle to the movie. The songs are delightfully picturized and the dances are choreographed by two of the best talents of the country, Prabhu Deva and Raju Sundaram. For the ones, who are looking for drama and comedies, this masala-fare has all of them in balanced yet substantial amounts.

What is not so good in Robot: A.R. Rahman disappoints again with his music for Robot. With a fabulous music score, the movie would have been a perfect 10. Also we miss the trademark Rajni entry here, though the climax compensates in a much better manner.

Performances in Robot: Aishwarya proves why she is one of the best actresses around; she looks top-notch and acts sincerely. Rajnikanth brings to the table his style that is known to hypnotize audiences. And this time, we have two Rajnis, so ‘two much’ entertainment from this superstar. The supporting cast though credible, is overshadowed by these two talents.

Conclusion: Watch it for sure, Robot is unlimited entertainment, go for it.

Rating:****(Very Good)

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