Hrithik Roshan on his Hospitalization, Guzaarish, Barbara Mori and More..

Hrithik Roshan on his Hospitalization, Guzaarish, Barbara Mori and More..

This week had been of a relaxed high and a spontaneous ill for the highly talented Hrithik Roshan. He was hospitalized for a day; following his reaction to a tablet that he had taken to ward off chest pain. Though he is fine, he talks about how he channelized his criticism for Kites and link-up with Barbara Mori, to sharpen his performance for Guzaarish.

On his hospitalization:

I didn’t think I could be allergic to an antibiotic. But something went wrong; my throat shut and there was no speech, and we managed to reach in time before my lungs collapsed.

Only I had to spend the night in the hospital. By morning I was discharged and now I just have a little swelling on my face which will go in a day’s time. Then back to celebrating and partying again.

On how he got the health problem:

It is not that that this happened due to partying at Zayed’s place. I was already sick. I have been sick ever since I have done the Sa Re Ga Ma show. I just went to Zayed’s place for five minutes. I just ate the vegetarian food there and came back. Doctors, who did their tests, found that it was an allergic reaction to a Levofloxacin tablet that I took.

On Guzaarish’s weak collections:

I am not anyone to gauge or predict the graph of box office. All I know so far, the graph is exactly like Jodha Akbar. They are a few films which open like a Dhoom 2 or a Krrish and there are a few films like Jodha Akbar, where the appreciation keeps growing when one watches the film.

On English usage being one of the reasons for Guzaarish’s not so good performance:

In my 10 years I have not received this kind of applause. I have not received this kind of feedback. People are giving me love without words. It is just a hug and the hug lasts for an entire minute and that just says soo much more.

On how Hrithik chooses his films:

I don’t manipulate, calculate and plan my steps. I only follow my instincts. I don’t know what is going to be next. I didn’t know Agneepath was going to be next. I don’t know what is next after that. I am a very bad businessman. I don’t keep my work as business

Dissecting Kites’s failure:

I think it was my attempt to break the language barrier. I think apart from that nothing else was the problem.

On rumors about him and Barbara Mori affecting his family:

Well, if it did affect my family, then you would have seen an affected behavior. When it affects it is very apparent. Barbara, Sussanne and I, my father, her brother Kintaro, all through Kites shared a close and a very nice relationship.

There is no distance there, if there was distance that would create awkwardness. So because of that there was no need to get affected.

The only thing that happened was a lesson in disguise because those rumors and talks pushed me into playing Ethan. My attempt to cut off from the world and get into that mind just became more driven, so I got that extra nudge and push from God, which is why my silence and which is why the media just went on and on. So all worked out in the end and you see the fruits in the end. My entire family is in touch with her and so is she.

On his close friendship with Shah Rukh:

I don’t think we have become close now. We were always close, but from my side there is of course friendship, but it stems from a very, very deep amount of respect which I have for him as an artist, as a human being, as a person. He is a symbol of what all of us aspire to be

On him donning Big B’ shoes for Agneepath:

I know a lot of people are seeing it like that but let me clear that out. I am not a fool. It is the most foolish and naive thing to try to fit into God’s shoes. It is Agneepath, but it is re-worked.

On him telling dad Rakesh Roshan to direct Krissh 3 instead of Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra:

I forced dad to make this film. It is his baby and I think only he can do justice to it. If my dad doesn’t work for one year then this house will turn into hell (laughs.) He needs to work, he is a passionate man, so his passions needs to be vented out.

On Doing Paani with Shekhar Kapoor:

There have been talks. We are all friends in the industry and we all talk. It would be great if I ever get to work with him.I love him as a person and as a director. Deep, deep respect for him. I am hoping and praying we will work with each other one day.

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