Karisma Kapoor to Divorce her Husband

Karisma Kapoor to Divorce her Husband

Karisma Kapoor’s marriage with hubby Sanjay Kapur, was supposed to be on the rocks, according to certain sections of the media, a few years ago. But this time, it appears true from what some sources close to her have been saying. The latest news is that Karisma may be filing for divorce soon. The reasons cited are irreconcilable differences between the couple.

There are reports that both husband and wife are leaving separately for quite a few months now. Karisma Kapoor has come to the conclusion that she cannot be with Sanjay anymore. A friend of hers, says,” The time has come for Karisma to emerge from a bad marriage. She is terribly distraught and very stressed. She has virtually become a loner. Even when Karisma was pregnant with her second child, Sanjay was in the company of some girl. After she delivered her second baby, a son, he started getting cozy with a Delhi socialite.”

The source, who is her friend, says,” To cheer her up, friends even dragged her to a fashion show held in October this year, hoping she’d let her hair down. But suddenly the media entered the party enclave. Seeing this Karisma ran away from the party. She feared that someone or the other would ask her about her marriage and she wouldn’t be able to hide it”

Another source added, “Sunjay has not been to Oberoi Crest on 16th Road, Khar (the new home where Karisma shifted to sometime ago) for the past three months at least.Karisma is undergoing hell. She has given so much to this relationship. She reconciled with Sanjay hoping that he would mend his ways.” She adds, “She is in no mood to take him back. It is a matter of time before lawyers are appointed to do the needful, if this hasn’t happened already.”

Delhi based businessman Sanjay Kapoor had married Karisma in September 2004; the first child was born in 2006 and the second one in 2010.

karishma kapoor

karishma kapoor

5 Responses to “Karisma Kapoor to Divorce her Husband”

  1. basanti says:

    Dear Karisma

    Do not go for divorce .Remember your children .They will always blame you for not being together ,because they are so young.Try to be patient and i am sure things will settle down.
    wishing you all the best.

  2. hema says:

    Karishma, It appears to me that the cause of your separation is your husbands infidelities, if so, u better not forgive him! hes had a gorgeous wife, what more does he want ! What an animal !!
    Nevertheless, if the reason is somethingelse such as an inappropriate behaviour then do give him another chance.
    Good luck

  3. rakesh says:

    Dear Karishma ji :

    I have known to your family for quite a long time and wish you all the best but we Indians value the relationship of marriage especially for the children sake but circumstances are best known to you and you should always bear the interest of the children in mind.

    Wish you and your children all the best to face life.

    With warm regards & best wishes,


  4. amit says:

    girl from bollywood background cant become good wife except few..they dnt have divotion for their family and husband..when so many people are crazy about you then how could you remain loyal to single men…these girl have so many affairs then how could they love one person moreover they have attitude if earning so much this all became hindrance in their married life..poor sanjay

  5. mohsin.ankleshwaria says:

    i know u r nt understing wat 2 do bt think twice n do anything n think 4 your’s child take a right decsion n do wat your HEART say’s nt other if u really think 4 divorce then go 4 it n give sanjay SAJA 4 his done n we all your FANS r wit u….it is your personal matter bt ADVICE is aiways gud.I dont think u will take advice bt plz take it as your friend nt fan…..plz plz plz i want 2 help u……or do me a faver help me……….. really i have gone CRAZY about u.I have seen your wedding cdsum most wonderfull movement…..then i came 2 know about this all.k finally if u dont need my help then plz plz READ THIS……..LOVER 4 EVER

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