No Problem Movie Review: Trash At Its Worst

No Problem Movie Review: Trash At Its Worst

Anil Kapoor said on popular Indian TV reality show Bigg Boss once that No Problem showcases Sanjay Dutt’s best performance ever since Munnabhai series. He also said that the movie is way better than Anees Bazmee’s biggest hit-No Entry. Well, after seeing No Problem, we will have to doubt what Anil says next!  Comedy being non-sense is one thing, but being trashy, noisy and irrelevant is another; and director Anil Bazmee’s No Problem falls in that regrettable category.


Sorry to say, but in this case, the plot is not even worth mentioning. There are just weird characterizations to fit in aimlessly in a non-existent story. We have Yash (Sanjay Dutt) and Raj (Akshaye Khanna) as small-time crooks and buddies. Yash robs the First Village Bank,and the gullible innocent bank manager, Zandulal (Paresh Rawal) also comes under the needle of suspicion. Investigating the case is Arjun (Anil Kapoor) in a Pink Panther hangover, a bungling cop,married to Kajal(Sushmita Sen) with a split personality. Then there is the other deranged track of the villain Sunil Shetty, Neetu Chandra and Ranjeet who are after the diamonds. We are leaving the story incomplete here because the movie is on similar lines, incomplete and inconsistent.

What works for No Problem:

Believe it or not, Vijay Raaz, a suicidal, anarchist is the only one who works up a decent performance.

What does not work for No Problem:

  • Fundamentally speaking, the humor falls flat on its face.  The film tries too hard to thrust comedy in our throats; and the result is not flattering at all. Barring a couple of scenes, you just do not react as an audience
  • The script and the screenplay couldn’t have been worse. Things fall into place too easily and the director seems to be too hushed to finish the shot and go over to the next one. There are too many continuity issues going in here; thanks to some tacky editing. The cinematography is also not much to speak about; there is a gloomy overcast ambiance in the first few scenes.
  • The music is not really impressive, except for the song ‘Mast Punjabi’. The racy number of ‘No Problem’ is not present.
  • With so many good actors on-board, it is a case of too many cooks spoil the broth for Mr. Azmee. He is not able to justify even one of them and make all of them look and act insipid.

Performances in No Problem:

As mentioned, no one really stands out in the film. As it is an Anil Kapoor film, he gets the funniest role and does it well. Sanjay Dutt is effortless, as usual, sleep-walking through it.  Paresh Rawal is also in his usual, funny element, no big deal, for him. The lesser said about the others, the better. Akshaye Khanna, shockingly, is wasted and Sushmita Sen hams her way through the entire movie. Suniel Shetty is okay, Neetu Chandra as a moll is bearable and  Kangana Ranaut shows us that she is not cut out for comedy. The others, Shakti Kapoor, Baby Saloni and legendary on-screen villain Ranjeet are totally wasted and it is seemingly evident that their scenes have been chopped on the editing table.


No Problem is one of the worst films of 2010, do you still want to check it out?


One Response to “No Problem Movie Review: Trash At Its Worst”

  1. Shaz says:

    Even though Priyadarshan has made mostly unfunny comedies recently, I can not help but think of Mr. Bazmee as a cruder, much less talented Priyadarshan.

    Not that any confirmation was needed, but this film is a further proof that he is fast on his way to become the undisputed king of nonsense. I enjoy mindless fun as much as the next person (okay, a little less) but there is no fun here. Just mindless assault.

    Assembling a big star cast – quantity wise, at least – with a poor, unfunny script and hoping that things would work out just fine is akin to watching someone throwing a deck of cards in the air and wishing they’d end up in perfect sequence once they land.

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