Ragini MMS Movie Review – A Scary Ride

Ragini MMS Movie Review – A Scary Ride

Ragini MMS, the latest offering from Balaji that combines sex and the paranormal, does a good job in petrifying the audience. Seeking inspiration from the surprise hit from the West, Paranomal Activity, a movie that was made out of shoe-string budget and a little bit of ‘The Blair Witch Project’, we have a sharp film-making technique that was introduced in Bollywood through ‘Love, Sex and Dhoka’, perfecting itself in ‘Ragini MMS’.

Story of Ragini MMS:
Uday (Raj Kumar Yadav) and Ragini (Kainaz Motivala) decide to spend a naughty weekend with each other at a farmhouse of a friend. From the beginning we know that Uday is a city-bred cheapster who is insensitive and has his own agenda for taking her to the farm house.

Whenever they start making love, there is some or other thing that hampers their intimate moments. First, it is unwelcome guest, a couple who comes to play spoilsport while all the time, there is some or the other paranormal, eerie activity happening in the house. When Uday handcuffs her to get kinky, this is when the real action happens. Uday begins to feel something creepy happening around him, which pushes him, slaps him and eventually makes him kill himself. But before that, Ragini discovers that there is one more thing that is strange in the room – a camera that was hidden to record their intimate activity. She is furious, confused and scared as she comes to terms with what is in store for her. With Uday dead, what happens to Ragini in the lone room with a spirit for company?

What works for Ragini MMS:
The eerie factor is tops; Ekta Kapoor should be lauded for coming with a very smart concept that blends sex and horror beautifully. There is fear in anticipation, the dark rooms, the mysterious confines and the mirrors-every horror mechanism is employed in the best manner possible. The characterization of the two actors is apt, Raj Kumar Yadav’s character moves from insensitive and impulsively foul-mouthed to someone who is consumed with fright. Kainaz’s character Ragini is also quite believable and brilliant. Caught handcuffed with no way to escape and her boyfriend’s bleeding corpse lying nearby, her perplexed expressions makes the audience root for her and wish she could escape.

The shaky camera work is brilliant and so are the situational dialogues. Pawan Kriplani and Vaspar Dandiwala’s direction and screenplay is undiluted and looks realistically disturbing. The taut climax that keeps you tongue-tied is the icing on the cake.

What is not so good about Ragini MMS:
There were quite a few places in the movie where the fear mechanism could have been placed in a better manner. Also, the censor board cuts are quite apparent in the film and one fills that once it is termed as an ‘adult’ movie, going for cuts like these are absurd. Also in the end, the part that talks about what happens to the girl in the end goes so fast, that many audiences reeling from the effect are not able to get it.

Performances in Ragini MMS:
Raj Kumar Yadav is in top form, he makes the movie wonderfully real. Kainaz Motivala is a revelation, she acts so well without going over-the-top in a role that could have easily been over-dramatized.

Ragini MMS is a superior horror movie, makes for a fantastic viewing. So go with your date or mate and enjoy the spook.

Rating:****(Very Good)

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