Priyanka Chopra Bonding with Shah Rukh Khan

Priyanka Chopra Bonding with Shah Rukh Khan

Other actresses may not be happy with this, but Priyanka Chopra has been bonding famously with Shah Rukh Khan, whom she idolizes, respects and bonds very well with. Once upon a time a fan, she has steadily moved on to be his close friend. Everyone knows that though she has some repartee to shoot back when asked about her link-ups with her so-called boyfriends, she is tongue-tied when it comes to questions about SRK. In Koffee with Karan show, we saw her blushing as she made it evident that she has a massive crush on SRK. But in the past few months, we have seen that Priyanka has graduated from being a fan to a close friend.

There are many actress who too would love to work with Shah Rukh but Priyanka’s friendship has seemingly become a bit of botheration for them. Priyanka has been spotted in many events that has been hosted or had SRK as a part. She was there in the stands cheering his IPL team and at home, entertaining his guest with her singing ability. The two had been bonding famously on the sets on Don, especially on the last schedule in Berlin last year. They have common interests, both of them have similar kind of humor, they chat about things from books to philosophy to the latest gadgets. SRK had even gifted an iPad 2 to the gizmo crazy girl.

Priyanka has been the only actress apart from SRK’s team co-owner Juhi Chawla who had been his business partner. The Fashion girl has even been travelling with him outside Mumbai and has become the team’s official cheerleader. Though she is not really interested in cricket as such, SRK’s passion for the game rubbed onto her. We also see Priyanka being a part of numerous events and parties that are held in SRK’s residence Mannat and surprisingly his other co-stars Kareena Kapoor and Deepika Padukone are not so regular. Recently, they arrived together in a chartered flight to Hyderabad for Mallika Reddy’s wedding and even returned together.

All the leading ladies who have worked with Shah Rukh vouch for him and adore him. They have known to be quite comfortable with him around and find hm a total gentleman, protective and charming. They regard him as his confidante and talk to him about their loves and lives. Priyanka too is no different and she had discussed her on-and-off relationship with Shahid and the superstar had helped her sort out of her feelings. An insider says, “Priyanka always gushes about SRK and claims what a wonderful friend he is.” The source reveals that ever since her break up with Shahid, she has found Shah Rukh’s shoulder to cry on. She looks up to SRK for guidance on some of life’s biggest decisions and career moves.”

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