Ready Movie Review – Entertaining in Parts

Ready Movie Review – Entertaining in Parts

Ready is a movie for Sallu fans, and since Bollywood’s Rajnikanth truly has a mega fan following; the movie is going to garner a fantastic initial. Not a patch on Dabangg or Wanted as far as plot or action is concerned, Ready does showcase Salman Khan in his superstar avatar.

Story of Ready:

Salman Khan is a spoilt brat from a wealthy family; who does not do a thing well. At best, he is good at rubbing people the wrong way. Since he does not do any job, the only hobby that he specializes is in helping people find their soul mates. He keeps a tab on his uncle’s extramarital affairs and helps a bride escape from her wedding at the nth hour.

Salman’s father Rajeev Kapoor (Mahesh Manjrekar) is an industrialist who suffers from memory loss. As a result, he has trouble using words properly and ends up giving obscene, comical gestures or words, the way Suniel Shetty did in Awara Paagal Deewana.

Sanjana (Asin) comes into Prem’s life. She has her own set of agenda and surprisingly, her mirth-filled personality makes his eccentric family dote on her. Asin’s main concern is running away from her uncles, Akhilendra Mishra and Sharat Saxena who have eyes on her wealth. The supporting cast also includes Anooradha Patel, Arya Babbar, Sudesh Lahiri and Manoj Pahwa end up as props for the machismo of Salman Khan. By the second half, it is up to Sallu to take care of the misunderstanding, solve the problems; so much that the characters realize their folly, and all is well that ends well.

What Works for Ready:

Nothing looms larger than Salman Khan here. He is larger than life yet he is someone you easily warm up to. Some of the one-liners and comic antics will go well with the front-benchers and whistle blowers. Two of the songs ‘Character Dheela’ and ‘Dhinka Chika Chika’ which are no short of anthems get fans raving for more. Direct Aneez Bazmee’s goes the Rohit Shetty way, the movie making digs on some of the movies of the recent past like Kuch Kuch Hota Hai and Ghajini. You can see that there is a bit of ‘Hulchul’ (the Priyadarshan movie) too.

What Does Not Work for Ready:

The movie is full of done-to-death gags and stale one-liners. ‘Is ko laga daala toh Life Jhingala’ is an old one and so are some others. The plot is immature, the heroine does not have much to do, the characters are just mere props. There are toilet jokes; sexual innuendoes and raunchy double meaning humor that are going to make the critics look the other way as the junta break into a smirk. The Salman Khan fascination looks too much; the makers would like us to believe that the fans can sit through any kind of gibberish that is shown as long as Salman Khan is in the frame. For instance, even in the romantic songs, the camera is more focused on Sallu’s biceps rather than his chemistry with Asin.

Performances in Ready:

Hats off to Asin, who stands her ground in a movie that, may well be titled ‘Main Salman Khan Hoon’. She manages to evoke some laughs with her funny antics. Looks like there is finally someone who can well be a contender to Juhi Chawla’s throne. Okay, we can discount the others and come back to Salman Khan. He is happy to oblige his fans with his bare chest, and strut around in a devil-may-care attitude. He does not act; he is just himself in the film as he was in Dabangg. But is this movie another Dabangg; well..far from it.


If you are not looking for a story line and only Salman Khan is the reason for you to watch the film, then by all means, go watch Ready

Rating: **1/2 (just above average)

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