Aishwarya Rai’s Pregnancy Shocks Madhur Bhandkar

Aishwarya Rai’s Pregnancy Shocks Madhur Bhandkar

Madhur Bhandarkar had reportedly, relied on Aishwarya Rai to do complete justice to ‘Heroine’, his pet project. But when the news of pregnancy hit the headlines, the director has been hit hard and in all likelihood, it looks like Heroine will be shelved. The director had earlier talked to Kareena Kapoor to do the role of the protagonist but she had dilly-dallied him for a long time and finally had said no. Then this year he had got the most sought after actress Aishwarya Rai, who seemed perfect for ‘Heroine’. They had even promoted the first look of the film at Cannes together. But now it is a different story.

It seems, conservatively speaking, that if Heroine is shelved, there will be a loss of Rs. 5.5 crores. “It could even be more. There was so much spent on the film’s pre-production. Who is going to account for the money spent on the shooting so far?”, questions a trade source. Amidst media speculations about the much talked about film being shelved, the filmmakers held rushed meetings to make a decision the fate of the film. The outcome of the meetings has not got too well with the Bachchans. A source close to Ash revealed, “Aishwarya had made it clear that she would complete Heroine by the end of July. Now Madhur is saying it isn’t possible to complete the film within the stipulated time. Is it her fault if they’re suddenly unsure of finishing their film?” Also there are stories that Madhur wanted Ash to do a few smoking scenes and under-the waterfall bath sequences in the film.

A source close to Ash says, “Suddenly there was talk of two item songs. Madhur wanted to know how she would perform these songs. Aishwarya had no knowledge of these item songs at all. There was no mention of them anywhere in the script. “She has never done a bathing-under-the-waterfall sequence in her entire career. Why would she do it now? No, there was never any waterfall sequence to begin with. As for the smoking sequence, yes, there were scenes where her character was supposed to smoke. But after the controversies that had cropped up during her smoking sequence in Guzaarish, Aishwarya clearly told UTV and Madhur Bhandarkar that she would not do any smoking scenes. So where did these stories suddenly crop up from? If Aishwarya wanted, she could’ve just shot for the film quietly without announcing the pregnancy. But after hearing of the pregnancy, Madhur Bhandarkar came up with these strange new demands – like two item songs. Understandably, she is not going to give in at this stage when motherhood is far more important to her than any role.”

A source close to Madhur Bhandarkar says,”Aishwarya plays a Bollywood star in the film. How could there be no singing and dancing? In fact, now because of her pregnancy, all these sequences have to be toned down. The filmmakers will never take a risk with her in such a delicate condition.”

Madhur is upset about Ash not informing about her pregnancy in advance. But then she had reportedly agreed to continue the film’s shoot on a fast-track mode so that no one’s interest is harmed, but then the makers are not happy with this justification. Madhur’s source adds, “This thing happens. There was an overseas shoot planned. Then there are a couple of dances that Ash was supposed to do. For the dramatic portions of the film, Madhur could still go ahead and take close-up shots to hide her pregnancy. But how about the part where she has to look glamorous? Her entire profile can anyways not be shown on camera, now that she is all set to put on weight.”

The source adds, “He has cut himself from the outside world and gone into hibernation. Perhaps once he comes out of the shock, he would decide further course of action. Madhur had noticed that Ash was gaining weight. He obviously didn’t associate with motherhood. If she had only told him earlier, Madhur would’ve worked his way around the problem. Now UTV and Madhur stand to lose around Rs 6 crore if the film is shelved.”

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  1. Rahul Sharma says:

    Dont u have any other news to show ???? Why u guys are running back of her pregnancy ….let her Enjoy her time..and pls stay out of this…we r tired of seeing news of her pregnancy…

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