Bollywood’s Twitter King Ram Gopal Varma Lodges Police Complaint

Bollywood’s Twitter King Ram Gopal Varma Lodges Police Complaint

Ram Gopal Varma’s recent antics on Twitter have made him the most entertaining celebrity on Twitter. Right from using abusive language on Amitabh Bachchan (apparently meant to be a compliment) to taking sides with the Neeraj Grover case accused Maria Susairaj; he has been constantly in the limelight. In fact, a major section of people were shocked when Ramu said that he was considering taking Maria for one of his future movies. Maria Susairaj was in prison for 3 years in connection with the Neeraj Grover murder case that shocked the city. She was involved in helping her boyfriend Emile Jerome dispose the body after the latter had murdered Neeraj for spending a night with Maria. They had then cut the body into many pieces before disposing it off in a jungle. Recently, Maria was acquitted by the court for having completed 3 years in prison on charges of ‘destruction of evidence’. A huge section of people have been against the verdict but Ramu is one of the few from Bollywood who supported Maria. Now with dire threats being issued by political parties for taking such a stance, the director has approached police.

On Monday, Ramu received a threatening letter from Bharatiya Janta Party warning him of dire consequences if he stuck to his thought about working with Maria. Ramu promptly approached the police and lodged a complaint at the Versova Police Station, Mumbai. Now his office and home are surrounded by a few policemen.

When contacted, Ramu was anything but intimated, “It’s something I had to do. If some elements threaten me with dire consequences I’ve to guard myself, no? I received a threatening letter on Monday. Now don’t ask me details of what the police station looked like, if they offered me tea or…for the record the cop in-charge was having tea but he didn’t offer me any.”

Getting more serious Ramu says, “It’s easy enough to target me because I’m the only one who actually said I’d sign Maria if I had a role for her. I don’t think anyone else made that offer. And my offer remains.”

Ramu feels that he is quite logical about his belief of possibly working with Maria. “See, Maria is not my sister or my girlfriend for me to blindly support her. For all we know she could be innocent or guilty. She may be a serial killer for all I care. That isn’t the point. I believe in a civilized society and in democracy, there should be legitimate ways of determining guilt or non-guilt. We should go by what the judiciary says rather than depend on ill-informed emotional knee-jerk reactions.”

Ramu famous for making underworld and controversial films, one of them which actually revolves around the Neeraj Grover case, said, he wouldn’t tolerate ‘goondasim’. “In the pretext of getting justice, if people resort to goondaism it is completely unacceptable to me, as it should be to any right-thinking citizen..”As a free citizen of India, I lodged a police complaint against the BJP’s threat issued to me.” Due to the tight security, Ramu has to be restrained with his movements. But the irrepressible Ramu is not bothered. He says, “You don’t worry about me. You got a sensational story. Be happy.”

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