Murder 2 Movie Review – Bloody Bore

Murder 2 Movie Review – Bloody Bore

Murder 2 is not a patch on the original that created history in 2004. Murder starring Mallika Sherawat and Emran Hashmi was a sexual revolution in terms of sensuality and eroticism. Though the makers had already said that the story line of the sequel is quite different from the first one, and has nothing to do with the original, Murder 2 is a disappointing venture. By the time, the movie was on the verge of release, there was news that the movie was copied from some Korean movie, though the makers denied, saying that it was loosely based on their very own Sadak (1991). But now we know that Bhatt’s Murder 2 is a straight lift of the Korean hit movie Chasers just like Criminal (1994) was copied from Fugitive. It is high time, they stop rehashing foreign DVDs without giving the original makers credit.

Story of Murder 2:

Emraan Hashmi is a guy who has left police force, when he finds a lucrative living as a pimp. He has a friend with benefit, Jacqueline Fernandez whom he meets only for his convenience. Suddenly his conscience is awakened all of a sudden when he finds out that one of the girls he had offered to close-in as a bait on a serial killer was a minor. He finds out who the serial killer (Prashant Narayanan) is and puts him behind the bars. But the serial killer is not so bothered about his being in the prison and knows that he will come out. There is confusion in the police force, the officer in charge tells Emraan to collect more evidence. In due process, the serial killer is released and he goes to kill the girl who had managed to escape. Emraan has a task to stop him; will he succeed?

What works for Murder 2:

Murder 2 has an interesting plot about serial killing that has not been such much in a Hindi film The performance by Prashant Narayanan is tops; in the past few years, no one has seen a chilling act like this. The editing is technically proficient and the visuals do create an impact

What does not work for Murder 2:

Mohit Suri who has copied The Chasers, seems to have forgotten that the things that that are in the Korean culture, do not really fit in Indian scheme of things. For instance, how can a serial killer, who has already confessed to his crime, get scot-free? And which ‘top brass’ people will support this killer and for what reason? In any case, a eunuch comes and gets the serial killer released, funny!
The killer as mentioned before, is revealed in the first half only, and there is nothing much to look forward except go through the motions of Emraan Hashmi collecting proofs.

The sex is cold, the chemistry does not match the one between Mallika Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi. Unnecessary excess baggage of emotions like all the actors having a sad past. Emraan’s father committed suicide, Jacqueline’s mother was tormented by her father, the crazy psycho killer’s family is messed up anyway. The violence also does not hold enough shock value, they seem to be clichéd. Finally, this movie has two very important things missing in the film-good screenplay and deft direction. The Korean movie had a better emotional grip on the audience with the protagonist who was once a pimp turning father figure to the girl who has been lured by the serial killer. But in the desi-version, the producers have concentrated more on getting Emraan to romance his heroine rather than establish his character in a more meaningful manner.

Performances in Murder 2

Jacqueline Fernandez is the weakest heroine in a Bhatt movie in terms of characterization. She hardly has a role worth talking about, though she has a body to die for, she does not have the appeal that can even match half of that of Mallika Sherawat. Emraan Hashmi sleepwalks through the role and is pretty decent. The real scene stealer is the villain Prashant Narayanan who manages to keep the movie interesting whenever he is in the frame. See him in the scene where he stretches his mouth in an O expression to intimidate Hashmi, he really looked like a wolf seeking vengeance. We definitely want to see more of him.

Conclusion: Murder 2 has a bad story that is compensated to an extent with some fine acting by Prashant Narayanan

Rating:** (Average)

Murder 2 Hindi Movie Poster

Murder 2 Hindi Movie Poster

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