Mausam Movie Review – Not Worth It

Mausam Movie Review – Not Worth It

Mausam begins with a teenage attraction between a Punjabi boy Harry (Shahid Kapoor) and a Kashmiri girl Aayat (Sonam Kapoor) in a little village Mallukot. The lovers separate, meet again, part again and finally culminate into together at the final reels. There is a transition from episode 1 (in Punjab) to episode 2(Scotland) and then from episode 3(Switzerland) to episode 4(India). There is nothing much to say about the story except the fact the lovers have a tough time getting to each other, in adverse circumstances, till they unite at the very end.

What is good about Mausam:
Kudos to the cinematography by Binod Pradhan, and the efforts of producers Sheetal Vinod Talwar and Sunil Lulla; to make it as grandiose as possible.

What is not so good about Mausam:
Just about everything. The problem with the film that it is not appealing to the youth; the choreography is in place, the style is; but there is no screenplay, no sense of direction, no sense of plot or narrative.

Pankaj Kapur(father of the main lead Shahid Kapur) may be a very good actor but as a writer and director, he has miles to traverse. He wants to say that the couple has experienced it all-the 92 riots, bomb-blasts, 9/11 attack, the riots in Gujarat but still they manage to find each other, despite fading in and out of the other’s lives. But, one does not connect with anything either those politicized events or with the pathos of the lovers. The transition from the little hamlet in Punjab to a huge palatial house in Scotland sounds off-key.

Whenever the lovers meet, there is no chemistry, no passion and no longing, even on a platonic level. It is as if the couple wants to play a game of catch and run; for instance when Sonam sees Shahid in Scotland, she evades him only to make him find her. In a real world, people don’t really do that, do they, especially when they haven’t met for years?

There are a lot of mundane scenes that only add to the drab plot. The audience is clearly bored with every interaction between the couple and the other proceedings that tow along. In fact, one may say that right from the beginning of the film, the boring tempo was all set. There is a forced element of heroism at the end, but that is far from convincing.

Performances in Mausam:
Shahid Kapur submits himself to his father and lets him mould him in whatever role, daddy has visualized for him. One cannot fault his performance though, he has done everything he possible can. Sonam Kapoor manages to act well, a couple of notches better than her previous performances. Supriya Pathak is superb, while Aditi Sharma manages to overshadow even Shahid in some scenes.

Mausam is a blunder.

Rating: * (Poor)


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