Salman Khan’s Health is Improving but he May Be Out of Action for Some Time

Salman Khan’s Health is Improving but he May Be Out of Action for Some Time

Salman Khan’s condition is recuperating in New York at a friend’s home, after the 7 hour surgery he had to gone through for the rare nerve disorder that he is suffering from, Trigeminal Neuralgia. Salman, who has always been with friends and family, is probably feeling lonely for the first time in his life. Speaking from the US, he said, “There’s not much to do here but I have to rest at least a week more before I head to London for a few days to chill out before heading to Dublin to shoot for Eke Tha Tiger. Then straight to apni Mumbai, apna Bandra.”

Though the operation for the nerve problem has been a success, Salman says that he will not be doing action for quite some time. He says, “It will take time and management. The medical thing is a little more complicated than we initially assumed. The doctors have detected an aneurysm, so I might have to be back for another procedure around January,” revealed the actor. He continued, “A successful operation does not mean I will be fit to do just about anything yet. Thoda time lagega. I have to take it slow now. I have to take care of my health. I was under the impression that the procedure would take about 30 minutes, but it went on for seven hours. The procedure required a lot of precision and my case was slightly complicated.”

The doctors, meanwhile, have told him to go easy with the fight scenes. He said, “I had to show them the kind of action required in my films and they told me to avoid it.” Next on his agenda, is Sallu’ shoot in Ek Tha Tiger in Dublin on September 9, where he would be doing what he says as ‘talkie scenes’ Khan had stopped going to the gym for a month before the surgery. He said, “I will start training soon, but I plan to take it slow and easy instead of upscaling immediately.”

Salman sounded a tad unhappy about the attention his condition attracted back home in India. He said, , “They made it sound like I was never going to return home. I even asked my sister if there is something that I didn’t know but then she said that I already knew what I had to know. Main vapas aaonga. I will be back soon.” Though Bodyguard has been a thumping success in India and overseas, Sallu is surprised by a few people and critics who have taken potshots at the film.

“I’ve been hearing that people have said they don’t like it, it’s not that good a film. But it’s doing well and that’s what counts. I can’t understand who these people are. They seem interested in wishing a film bad luck. I just wish everyone’s film did well because the lives of so many people depend on each film. People keep asking me about Shah Rukh and all I can say is that I pray that Ra.One is an even bigger hit than my film.”

Salman is aware of the fact that his one-time friend and now the biggest foe, Shah Rukh khan had wished him a speedy recovery and said that the entire industry will take care of Bodyguard and he did not have to worry about the film. But Sallu seemed to move on to other topics, he said, . “I want to concentrate on Being Human now. On December 27, my birthday, we are launching the brand internationally. The collections can mend lives of many underprivileged kids. That is the kind of work I want to do now. I want to heal people.” Salman will be back in US for a checkup after three months where the doctor will be checking on his aneurism to find out if there is another procedure needed. He will be back in Mumbai in October.

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