Force Movie Review: The Clash of the Good and the Bad

Force Movie Review:  The Clash of the Good and the Bad

South Indian actor Surya must be feeling very special, three of his films- Ghajini, Singham and Force have been remade to Hindi and all have won popular acclaim. Force may not be stellar stuff, but it is definitely a cut above the rest in the genre of serious action films in Bollywood. John Abraham who has reprises the role of the Surya in this Tamil remake (Kaakha Kaakha), has done a commendable job. The movie has a delicate balance of explosive action and restrained romance

Story of Force:

The love story is the backbone of the plot while the movie is fleshed out with action. Yashvardhan [John Abraham] is a senior narcotics officer who does not necessarily play by the book, he works more on an undercover mode. He does not believe in handcuffs, he would like to eradicate crime in his own manner, by killing people who try to destroy the society. In his tryst to wipe out the drug mafia, he found an evil–minded equal in Vishnu (Vidyut Jammwal) who has decided to get back at the narcotics team who had destroyed his business and killed his brother.

Yashvardhan happens to meet the free-spirited Maya (Genelia D’Souza) who works as a social worker and a teacher. The person, who has no intention of faling in love, lest it could change his practical perspective, finally gives in to the cute girl’s charm and marries her. It proves to be a wrong decision because Vishu eliminates her and trains his gun at Yash.

What works for Force:

Despite a predictable plot, Force packs in a lot of punches, kicks and some real raw action that is reminiscent of a street fight. No silly computer graphics, pure adrenalin. There are enough twists and turns in the second half to keep you cued in to the proceedings. It is to the credit of the director Nishikant Kamat who takes the views through a lot of emotional upheavals and actions in this engrossing crime drama. Overall, this is a cat-and-mouse game with heavy action and stupefying climax. Post second half, the movie packs in a lot of punch, literally as well as figuratively. The action scenes by Allan Amin definitely deserve thumbs up.

What does not work for Force:

The first half of the movie is rather slow and there are a few scenes that are clichéd. Also Genelia’s role of a do-gooder looks like a badly rehashed version of what Asin did in Ghajini. Barring one song ‘Khwabo Khwabo’, the others are not really effective. Music director Harris Jayrat disappoints.

Performances in Force:

Genelia is effective as a sweet girl who is head over heels in love with John; she has not looked as pretty as she does in this film. But then she has to get over the ‘nice girl’ act and irritating style of dialogue delivery. One wishes to see her doing more experimental stuff in future. She shines in some sequences which shows that she is capable of doing much better.

John Abraham is impressive, he looks good, his chiseled body is a traffic-stopper. Watch out for the scene in which he lifts a 120kg bike and hurls at one of the goons. The man seems to be quite comfortable and confident in the role. It is obvious that John has worked very hard on his physique and his role. John, however finds tough competition in the villain, newcomer Vidyut Jammwal who is quite a worthy opponent, in terms of physique and performance. Vidyut does not even give you an impression that he is a debutant; his lean, toned body, his impressive martial kicks and a sweeping performance keeps you glued to the seats. Mohnish Bahl comes with a convincing performance especially in the penultimate moments. Watch him in the scene when he in a dilemma about killing his friend to save his wife’s life. Mohnish’s wife played by Sandhya Mridul is also quite competent. The rest are mere props in the film


Force is regular bad vs good film laced with adrenalin pumping action. Don’t miss

Rating:*** ( Good)



One Response to “Force Movie Review: The Clash of the Good and the Bad”

  1. shubham kumar goswami says:

    yaar, force ko srf 3 stars dekar insult kar rahe ho,
    love story, action dono hi best tha, bus songs nai chale, par john, genelia, mohnish, vishnu, savi ka role aur act mast tha,
    genelia k against toh kuch v mat bolo, uski innocency toh diwana kar gayi, woh best thi, best hai, aur best rahegi, yaad karo, jab woh john ko acp sir bulati hai kitna cute lagta hai,
    aur chaiye kya, sb kuch toh hai iss movi me, 3 stars bahut kam hai,
    meri taraf se 5 stars,
    mind itt!!!!

    rating: *****

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