Movie Review: Love Sex aur Dhokha- Reality Bites and How!

Movie Review: Love Sex aur Dhokha- Reality Bites and How!

Love Sex aur Dhokha may not be the boldest film ever, as portrayed by media, but is definitely a movie close to masterpiece status.  The movie had incurred a fair share of controversy for its  7.5 minute long love-making scene. However the censors were too happy to trim it and thankfully people who go for watching the film, can go without expecting too much sex in it. The director Dibakar Banerjee had stated in advance that the movie was realistic and there was nothing titillating as such in the film. He was right and the movie does give you the jitters and the director has exposed life as you know it.

Story of Love, Sex aur Dhokha

There are three sections to the movie, Love, Sex aur Dhokha.

Love: This part is about  final year college students who have been given a project to make a movie. The director Rahul(Anshuman Jha) directs a movie on the lines of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge,. He actually falls in love with Shruti, the pretty girl who enacts the role of ‘Simran’ in the iconic Bollywood film. Now Shruti’s dad who takes an interest in the proceedings tells the boy to change the climax of the film because he is thinking about his daughter who will be actually be married off once the movie project is over.  He is unmindful of what is cooking between the director boy, who is a dailt, and his daughter. Finally the couple elope in reality and the girl calls up her dad saying that they have run away and got married. Find out if the couple really live happily ever after

Sex: In the part which has ‘sex’ in it, also known as ‘paap k dukaan’ Raj Kumar Yadav, a store salesman wants to have sex with a salesgirl Rashmi(Neha Chouhan) that he lusts for. His friends tells him to have sex with her and get the thing recorded in the hidden camera, which he can circulate to the media for a huge sum of money. Though he manages to do that with Rashmi, Raj Kumar’s plan misfires when there is a shoot-out at the shop

Dhokha: The part Dhokha involves a sting operation in which a journalist (Amit Sial) asks item girl  Mrignaini (Arya Devdutta) to work for him by getting in bed with a popstar Loki Local (Herry Tangri). However, the sting operation which is built on an unethical premise as well, has the news-head telling Amit and Arya to do another sting operation wherein the music director should be caught on camera giving money to bury the first operation. However, it does not go as planned and things turn bad in ‘Dhokha’ as well.

What’s hot in Love, Sex aur Dhokha

Dibakar Banerjee has definitely hit the right spots as well as direction is concerned. By all means, Love, Sex aur Dhokha is India’s first experimental film in the lines of ‘Paranormal Activity’.  The script by Urmi Juvekar is a reflection on the sleazy and shocking news headlines that are seen on tabloids.  All the three stories are a throw-back on real-life incidents.

The best part about the movie is the interlocking of events, where every story is connected to the other beautifully.  The move is shot with a handheld camera by one of the possible crew members. The bouncy, jerky movements of the camera are something that you get used to, after a point of time.

. Cinematographer Nikos Andritsakis sustains the ineptness with his unstable camera moments to add a touch of realism to the handheld camcorder sequences. Namrata Rao’s editing is all about slick, blending of the scenes in the stories to amazing results. Sneha Khanwilkar’s music is as progressive and Kailash Kher’s rocking title track is groovy. For the first time in Bollywood, it is the camera narrating you the story and keeping you engrossed.

Best Performances in Love, Sex aur Dhokha

LSD is a brilliant film for sure, and apart from the stellar direction of Dibakar Banerjee, the performances of the actors really elevate the film. Since everyone is fresh except for Amit Sial, and from theater background, all of them put a raving performance. Anjuman and Shruti from the first part  form an endearing couple. Raj Kumar Yadav plays the possessive character very well and Neha Chouhan’s earthy sexuality and personality makes her attractive. Watch her in the breakdown scene when she comes to know that her friend is no more. . Amit Sial keeps us hooke and, Ayra Devdutta is awesome. Herry Tangri as the lecherous pop-star is perfect.

Love Sex aur Dhoka is a masterpiece film,one of the best to have come in recent times. Go watch it.

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