Movie Review: Housefull – One-time Watch Entertainer

Movie Review: Housefull – One-time Watch Entertainer

The mass entertainer is back in the form of Housefull. Though not exactly a laugh riot, it is a good respite for the weekend and with people watching a commercial multi-starrer after a long time, Housefull should be doing above average business.

Story of Housefull:

The story of Housefull begins on an interesting note, talking about Aarush(Akshay Kumar) who wears a deadpan expression on his face. He is a loser who now has a job that pays him to bring bad luck to casinos so that they could play more.  He is also rejected by Pooja (Malaika Arora Khan) and since his luck does really work, he packs his bag and goes to meet his best friend Bob (Ritesh Deshmukh)and his wife Hetal(Lara Dutta). There are more slapstick gags here where you see Akshay Kumar using vacuum cleaner that sucks up everything in the house, including the parrot.

Bob and Hetal decide to marry off Aarush to their boss’s daughter Devika(Jiah Khan). Aarush who believes that his luck will change is shocked to know that Devika is not a traditional girl as she portrayed before marriage but a gold-digger who married Aarush only to swindle away million pounds worth of money from her father(Ranbir Kapoor). Aarush goes to commit suicide in the high seas when he finds Sandy(Deepika Padukone) saving his life. Then begins a relationship between the two and post interval there are some more confusions in the form of Hetal’s father  Batuk Patel(Boman Irani) comes to check on his son-in-law and  Sandy’s brother (Arjun Rampal), an anti-terrorist wing officer coming to meet his sister and find if her boyfriend is good enough to be a part of their family.

What’s hot in Housefull

The movie has trademark Sajid Khan gags so if words like ‘Phone-tubble’ and ‘Aakhri Pasta’ delight you, then you should like it. However, it is an out and out entertainer and can be a good weekend movie to have a great time with friends. The special effects in the movie are brilliant, especially the ‘tiger in the house’ ‘scene, the ‘monkey-fight’, ‘the electric shock’ scene which are all good and make for good slapstick entertainment.  The ‘Such a Loser’ track gels very well with the movie and Chunky Pandey’s cameo as ‘Aakhri Pasta’s is quite amusing.

What’s not hot in Housefull

1. The scenes after Housefull are lame and not so funny at all. The comedy of errors which was so beautifully shown in movies like Hungama and No Entry is just  not there in Housefull
2. Sajid Khan has copied heavily from other films. There are many scenes similar to  Kal Ho Na Ho, especially the gay-gags.  Sajid Khan has also copied from movies like Meet the Parents and Scary Movie 2.
3. Calling a Black American baby ‘daamar ka tukdaa’s is not entertaining at all; it is downright racist
4. The climax scenes especially the Santa-Banta joke and the nitrous oxide ridden scene which the director may have thought to be rocking, is the worst part of the movie and falls flat.
5. Agreed, you have to leave your brains behind and watch this movie, but how does one explain why the characters of Jiah Khan and Chunky Pandey were half-baked?

Performances in Housefull

Akshay Kumar and Ritesh Deshmukh share briliiant chemistry and both of them have excelled in their roles. Akshay Kumar, a veteran by now, is effortless with his dead-pan expressions.  Boman Irani is superb and Randhir Kapoor is good. Deepika Padukone tries well and Lara Dutta is apt but the two actors who surprised us with their performances are Jiah Khan and Chunky Pandey. Though their roles are brief, they make quite an impact. Chunky Pandey as Aakhri Pasta is quite funny and it is sad the director didn’t capitalize much on him. Arjun Rampal is okay as well.


Houseful is a good entertainer, though not a laugh riot and not anywhere close to being a good comedy of errors.  But it is better than Kambhakkt Ishq if that is what you are thinking

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