Jhootha Hi Sahi Movie Review: A Terrible Let-down by Abbas and Rahman!

Jhootha Hi Sahi Movie Review: A Terrible Let-down by Abbas and Rahman!

A lot of people still have the Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na(2008) hangover thanks to its music and its cute story. Naturally, they were looking forward for Abbas Tyrewala’s next offering – Jhootha Hi Sahi. It is obvious from the promos that it was the love story of a nerd and since it involves India’s sexiest male star in that role, there is an innate curiosity about how the entire movie would be handled. Sadly, there is nothing much to talk about on this one; the movie is a huge let-down with John Abraham being the only saving grace.

Story of Jhootha Hi Sahi:

Just like the likes of Professor, Chachi 420, Saajan, Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi, Ghajini; Jhootha Hi Sahi is the clichéd story of someone concealing the identity or acquiring someone else’s identity to win the love of someone. But as opposite to the movies mentioned here, there is the phone playing the cupid in the lives of the lead pair.

One night, a sleepy Siddarth (John Abraham) gets a call one night from a man who is threatening to commit suicide; he manages to talk him out of it. Soon as days pass, he starts getting more calls of this sort, and he finds that he has become an agony uncle to many who are calling in to talk about their failures, their disappointments, frustrations, their heart-breaks etc. It so happens that John is at the receiving end of a mixed-up phone number but he makes good of it by successfully sorting out the lives of many people, on the phone One such person is Mishka (Pakhi)

Both discover a deep bonding between them and Sid becomes her faceless philosopher, guide and friend. And she becomes his reason to have a fresh perspective on life. Along the way to impress her, Siddarth begins to lie; he makes up stories about his dare devilry, exciting adventures and the sharks that he has tamed. Finally, one day they meet and Siddarth comes to know that he has never seen a better woman than her. He falls in love with her but how can tell her who he really is? That he is just a book seller with four friends, a tiny apartment and an irritating girlfriend whom no one likes.

What works for Jhootha Hi Sahi:

Just John Abraham and his Clark Kent look

What does not work for Jhootha Hi Sahi:

To begin with this, since this is a ‘cute’ lovestory, the chemistry between the lead pair has to be endearing; but there is nothing of that sort in this one. Both John Abraham and Pakhi(wife of director Abbas Tyrewala) go through the motions of the films as if they are just doing their roles.

The movie is insipid, boring and has no enthusiasm in its content. Since Jaane Tu Ya Jaana Na itself didn’t exactly have the world’s best story, there was A.R.Rahman gives one of his best scores for that film. That movie still features in the iPod lists of many music lovers. It is a almost tragic to see A.R.Rahman coming up with songs that are no short of a headache in this one

In a romantic film, if you cannot manage a good story, you should liven it u with interesting screenplay. But again, nothing of that sort crops up in this film. It is a two hour torture, if we may say so. That torture primarily is due other irritating subplots that take more screens time rather than the lead pair.

Pakhi’s characterization (written by herself) is another reason why people may not warm up to her. She comes across as a confused girl, who finds stability in life after John becomes a part of it but when she goes back to her ex(Madhavan) she dumps John. But then, after some time, she again dumps her ex, and goes back to John. So you don’t really care about the fact that the lovers unite at the end.

As mentioned, the multiple tracks mar the movie big time. The track of the gay couple is cheap; the sub plot about a dominant pregnant sister and her Japanese fiancé was not needed. The climax scene is over-the-top just like Jaane Tu but while that one was endearing, this one is grating.

Performances in Jhootha Hi Sahi:

John Abraham should be congratulated for breaking the mold and coming up with a very good performance in the film. But he has chosen a dull film to show the world that he knows acting by now. Pakhi is miscast; the woman is gorgeous in a simplistic manner, but not good enough to suit the character of her film. Also as an actor, she fails. Raghu Ram is unintentionally funny and should do roles that do not require him to dance and hee-haw. R. Madhavan should stop doing parts that do him no justice, at least not of the Raj Kiran variety.

Conclusion: Jhootha Hi Sahi is a terrible letdown.


One Response to “Jhootha Hi Sahi Movie Review: A Terrible Let-down by Abbas and Rahman!”

  1. Dexter says:

    You are very wrong about A.R. Rehman’s music. It’s the movie that did not do justice to the music. I have fallen in love with the opening and ending tracks. The only sore is something like Ra Ra Pum or whatever. The audience were waiting for “Cry cry” and “Maiyya Yashodha” and they cheered, clapped and sang along in the cinema hall.

    Though you are free to express yourself, please do not write such garbage reviews about the music.

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